Emergency Survival Kit Tips

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The emergency survival kit is probably one of the most neglected preventive measures. Many individuals know the value of this kind of kit, but others don’t bother, as they don’t think they will ever make use of it. In this article, we are going to be talking about some useful tips that will allow you to keep your emergency survival kit in top shape with all of the resources you need.

Something for shelter

You need to consider that you could have emergencies at any time and a good survival kit needs to have blankets and large plastic bags. This can be extremely useful and important to us when you have to deal with heavy rain or cold situations during emergencies.

Always store plenty of water

Depending on the size of your emergency kit, water should be a priority when it comes to how much you store. You need to consider this to be a top priority in any kind of survival kit. Given the fact that space is a big issue, you could store plenty of purification tablets in case your kit is too small for water bottles. A couple of water bottles are always a good idea to carry with you in your emergency kit.

Make some fire

Few things have been as essential to the survival of the species as being able to stay warm during cold nights. Make sure that you have some matches in your kit and protect them from humidity with a plastic wrapper. If possible, seal them in a ziplock bag along with a couple of lighters.

Cut things up

A knife is essential for survival in many situations. Make sure that you have at least two or three retractable pocket-knives and a larger one for any kind of heavy-duty use. You have no idea how important and resourceful this can be for you during emergencies.

General first aid

Bandages, rubbing alcohol, scissors, toilet paper, aspirin, antibiotics and assorted painkillers are also a good idea to keep stored in your kit. A compass is always an essential thing to have for traveling kits too.

Final thoughts

A disaster supply kit will depend heavily on the situation and the location. The kind of kit you keep at home is not going to be the same that you take with you to an outdoors trip. Just make sure that the essentials are with you at all times.

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